IIRPC is short for the International Research Institute on Civilization Policy. We are dedicated to all issues of modern day civilization and invest all of our time in researching the effects of various policies around the world.

We are working for the wellbeing of all people and societies. Our main goal is to improve the condition of a civilized life across countries and the vastly different cultures of the world.

We Are International

Our projects and scientific interests cross the boundaries of modern-day countries. We collect data from all over the world and compile it to answer global questions which could help everyone in the world, not just us.

By doing that, our international team ensures that our views and presumptions are not limited. Only in cooperation can we achieve the goals that our institute has been tasked with.

Our Institute

We are located in London, the hub of the United Kingdom and the working place of many world-class researchers who dedicate their time for our common cause.

Supported by many official organizations and the public, we have the resources necessary to answer the most vital questions about civilizations and its policies.

We Do Research

Our research focuses on policy and terms which are well-known by every member of the civilized world. We are currently running over 20 projects, many of which have been in development since 2010.

With these efforts, we hope to uncover the most important aspects of the technologically advanced lifestyle in our fast-paced society.

Understanding Civilization Policy

All this is done because people in all continents have been raising questions about their being. By providing direct answers, we assume the role of guiding the people. We hope to encourage practices that help to keep the civilization running while sustaining us without the need for conflicts or war.